Monday, December 15, 2008


Things I have been wondering

OK, Throwing shoes at a press conference towards a man that saved your ass from a tyrant?
What does this journalist like? The smell of Mustard Gas in the morning?

What a joke, a Nativity that highlights the President elect in clay, umm.. he is not the messiah, do not be confused people.

Ok..... Illinois governor holds strong... the drama continues in Illinois

Irony - Catholic church upset of Playboy cover that vaguely looks like a pictorial of the Virgin Mary; but yet some dioceses encouraged their members to vote for Obama for President .... I think they are sending a mixed message. What are they really concerned about?

Get Over Your Lip Balm Addiction Get Over Your Lip Balm Addiction. I know two friends that constantly apply and reapply...

Additional comments

Christmas Card sales are way down, Please go buy a few cards for your friends and neighbors.
Book sales are way down, Please go support booksellers.
Toy sales are down, good. Please see the first two additional comments. And shop there.
It is hard to find shoes not made in China.
Do you think sheets are too personal to give as a gift?


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