Thursday, January 15, 2009


On Tuesday night I attended the Task Force to end Human Trafficking in Colorado. That was good and very insightful.
Wednesday night was the first night I was able to head to yoga. It was very relaxing and powerful. My shins were sweating, I kid you not.
the cool thing is that my co-worker taught me the basic stitch for crochet! Woo Hoo. So right now I have created a 3 inch X 3 inch thing. I am going to practice for awhile and then attempt a scarf and baby blanket.
This weekend should be one of relaxing and activity at the same time. I need to go grocery shopping for the next two weeks and I need to organize my coupons before I leave. I am really trying to be more frugal and less impulsive. I need to plan on buying dog food, laundry soap and other random things so I am not running out to pick things up! I am hoping I can pick Valentines and work on them!
My daughter is registered and ready to go for her college speech class and ceramics class. I am so thankful for the program at her high school. They are paying for two classes this semester and we only had to help out with the ceramics class. What a blessing. We are still waiting to hear back on her waiver package with the Army. Hurry up and wait.
There is a lot of activity with the Guard in the state. So, I am praying for God's will and complete direction. Please do the same.
Next Monday is the monthly Zonta meeting and I will be talking about the movie A Powerful Noise which will be in theatre's one day only on March 5th. We might plan a dinner and meeting place and then have a large group of ladies all see the movie together and then coordinate a follow up event to discuss impacts and maybe even grass roots projects.
I need to scoot for the day.


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