Saturday, January 31, 2009


Blueberries and Blackberries are 88 cents a container until Tuesday night at Safeway!
I ran to the Safeway near work and they were out so I grabbed rain checks.

But my Safeway had a few left and I will hunt for more later...

Whew - what a week.
I have to admit it, it was eventful.
I only made it to workout once which is the first time since the beginning of the year I did not have a strong week.
But if all goes well, my neighbor and I are headed to swim class. We have little Michael for the weekend. He is getting more and more talkative each time he comes over. He gobbled 25 blueberries last night at the dinner table which definitely links him to me:)
He is more cognizant of moving from one place to another. Last night he really struggled with the idea of putting his pajamas on at our house, which meant he was staying with us. But after a few minutes and some juice it was ok.

The biggest news is that she officially signed her papers to go into the Army. She is so happy and excited and relieved.
Let the plans begin! Two points of irony.. She signed the papers the day before our 19th wedding anniversary and she and I have the exact same PEBD Jan 28th. Not planned obviously, but it ended up that way. Basically we both joined the Delayed entry the exact same day 21 years apart. Also, it looks like her cousin Val might be in the same area at the same time for her AIT in Texas.

Monday night I went to a local political meeting, that was so political I was shocked. The party is electing officials next month and they are aggressively trying to persuade one another.
Just eye opening. But I think after next month they will focus a bit more. I have drill on the big voting day, so I can escape that mess!
I was a little hesitant about facebook - but I have been able to reconnect with a few people and that is nice.

In the last month I have been invited to two gala events, which really cracks me up. I do not attend gala events for goodness sake. But, I just might start, but only if I can find something to wear. More to follow on that. I mean who would not want to celebrate Abe Lincoln's birthday!

Lastly, I have been reading a book that I received at our church leadership last weekend. I love it.... Craig Groeschel = How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep it
I have been able to go out and listen to several of his weekly messages and read about the strategy and creativity of his church. Very interesting and inspiring.

This next week I have a full work schedule, my daughter's 18th birthday, tax appointment and drill weekend.
BUT that means several things will have checks next to them on the list.
If you know how to contact my daughter give her a congrats and birthday wish! 18 OMG!


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