Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Sunday
The events are not earth shattering.
Yesterday the daughter and went to Hot Yoga and then later to the Arc for 50% thrift store shopping. We picked up a shirt for my brother, a sweatshirt for my husband, an outfit for my nephew, she found a pair of asic wrestling shoes, two shirts and two pair of black pants for her work.
Later I went out to Kimball Theatres to see Slumdog Millionaire. Very well done. I really liked it. I would recommend it to mature audiences. There are a few spots that I had to look away, but for the most part it was great.

I am working on a small scarf for niece. At this point I am only using yarn we have here at the house. But, I have a goal that I would like two hats done by the end of the months for gifts in early Feb. So, I will head to Green Mountain Weavers. I am excited about heading over there it is owned by a previous HP employee, so I would love to pass along some business and friendship now that I have the skills! I am going to pick up some yarn. I noticed that some can be very expensive, but I want to stay in the moderate range since I am in the beginner status.

I found two online tutorials and checked out one book from the library. I think I should be able to make something that resembles a hat. How to Link-

I am glad I have a three day weekend! Tomorrow I want to hike a bit, the weather is suppose to be awesome. The Zonta club meeting is tomorrow. I still need to weed through books, I want to pare it down to maybe just two book shelves!
I also need to get busy on the taxes. I started filling out my daughters FAFSA and I realized I need all of the numbers from the 2008 taxes. The site mentions something about extra benefits for students interested in becoming a teacher.

Last night I dreamt of making bread, very odd.


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