Sunday, April 12, 2009


I cleaned and dusted my entire curio cabinet. Much needed. I wiped down my polish pottery and put some away that just did not need to be out.
Early morning we received a call that Tony's grandma had a stroke and heart attack. His brother and dad were driving 6 hours to see her. Tony's mom had all the kids so we grabbed Mikey and Kimmy. We took them to lunch at L&L Hawaiian BBQ and then back to the house to play.
We watched Marley and Me again and I sobbed at the end. Dang dogs....

They were really good -only one major melt down.
Later all of the kids decorated eggs and played.
Michael stayed the night with us, but the Easter bunny was not ready for this....
He can get stuff later today.
It is grey skies and snow/raining. BUT it is still Easter.
and that message is the message ever.

I am not sure on the stability of Grandma Lou. She is 93 and I personally think she is very tired. We shall see.


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