Wednesday, March 24, 2010

finished more...

Yestersay I picked up this book in the free library room, since my stay here has been longer than expected. It was a quick read. A good airport/wating book. Looking for to Europe soon..

Italian for Beginners
By Kristin Harmel

Thirty-four-year-old Manhattan accountant Cat Connelly has always lived life on the safe side. But after her little sister gets married, Cat wonders if she has condemned herself to a life of boredom by playing by the rules. She decides to take a chance for once, accepting an invitation to spend a month with an old flame in Italy. But her reunion with the slick and gorgeous Francesco is short-lived, and she finds herself suddenly alone in Rome. Now, she must see if she has the courage to live outside the lines for the first time - and to face a past she never understood.


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