Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homeless Veterans - need our help

I saw a facebook post that grabbed my attention today -

If this does not stir somethign up inside of you, I am not sure what will.
Here are some facts.

VA estimates that 107,000 veterans are homeless on any given night.
23% of the homeless population are veterans
33% of the male homeless population are veterans
47% served Vietnam-era
17% served post-Vietnam
15% served pre-Vietnam
67% served three or more years
33% were stationed in war zone
25% have used VA homeless services
85% completed high school/GED, compared to 56% of non-veterans
89% received an honorable discharge
79% reside in central cities
16% reside in suburban areas
5% reside in rural areas
76% experience alcohol, drug or mental health problems
46% are white males, compared to 34% of non-veterans
46% are age 45 or older, compared to 20% non-veterans

Veterans’ Children Also Carry the Burden of Hunger
Feed Our Vets

Homeless Women Veterans
Article from Huffington Post

Here are some ways to help.

Every Purchase Funds Meals for Homeless and Hungry Veterans.
The Veterans Site

Additional Facts

Just do something...

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