Friday, December 02, 2011

unnecessary updates

ok it is December 2, 2011 and my short list is long.
I have one more soldier care package to send. – smaller group than years in the past – but technically that is a good thing.
I am adopting a military family here in town – so I will not have to mail any of that – that is for next week!

I am traveling for a week to Argentina – so I need to prep things in advance.

Last night we finished the Angel Tree presents from the tree at work. My daughter said - “mom, she wanted a scarf – you could have made her one.” Feeling slightly guilty about the scarf purchased at Walmart and Made in China – I grabbed the crochet hook and the largest yarn we had. I knitted a scarf in three hours – 40 minutes of it walking very slowly on the treadmill. It is moderately difficult to do both things at once but I did not want to give up either tasks.

Surprisingly, We picked up a few trinkets from the dollar store. Chelsea learned from her internship at the nursing home that toiletries are needed and they like bright shiny things. Dollar stores usually have plenty of the like on hand.


I am currently reading Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl: A Memoir
Author website
NY Times review
It is a hard read – emotionally. I am hoping for the best of author

Off to drill for the weekend – the last for year. It has been a rough year in regards to that. Hoping to start 1sg School in Jan and move forward.

I need to wrap my head around the fact I am hosting a baby shower in week.

Also, need to pick up the table top Christmas Tree from Whole Foods and oh... impulsively getting the entire main level of my house painted beginning on Tuesday.


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