Monday, February 20, 2012

just a thought

Well, It is only Feb and things are heating up politically everywhere –
A few points this week that I just shake my head on.
Birth control…. Why are our legislators spending so much time on this issue?
We really do have much bigger things to worry about. I really question that BC is so hard to come by in the US - there are clinics, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies that would be happy to assist.
Here is my suggestion – if you are in a place that you cannot fund your BC choice - Start writing letters or send emails. Write to female doctors in your community, contact drug reps, contact women’s organizations in your area. Pick up the phone or pen or keyboard and take on personal responsibility. Shoot, hold a small fund raiser in your home asking each of your friends for $12.

If you are a female veteran, I suggest contacting veteran non-profits explaining your situation. You will get someone's attention.

Or if you know you cannot afford it --- try abstinence until you can afford it. Seriously, this might be challenging but it is a way to a means at this point.

Ladies this is not difficult stuff and frankly tax payer money and time does not need to be spent on it.

And for those freaking about the money spent on foreign assistance and women’s health issues. Please educate yourselves. Thankfully we have modern medicine in the US and we do not struggle with prevalent issues like Obstetric fistula and Female genital mutilation (which was legal in Colorado until the late 1990’s) like they do in other areas.



I have several friends that take BC not to prevent pregnancy but to balance hormones. If your current medical provider does not cover this .... fight your health care providers and contact drug reps and drug companies. Also, research other healthcare options.

I am embarassed we are spending so much time on this subject. Government please act responsible and try not to be so arrogant. Hospitals please be open minded and Non-profits leading with idea that they have their clients first and foremost.... do not double talk with politicians.


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