Sunday, March 25, 2012

Complicated few weeks.
I have been all over the board actually.Work is complicated and changing. Not so much my day to day tasks just the management that surrounds it.
Politics are in full force and some things I agree with and to be brutally honest some things keep me up at night.I have met some amazing people in the last few months so that makes all the difference. I only skied a few times this winter - we had a tough combination of not enough snow, not enough time and just weird schedules.
But it appears that the door to hiking is opening which honestly I think I like a lot of better. At leats me knees do nto hurt as much. I do not mind the day after ski quad pain - but the yoga knee discomfort bothers me. I took two classes last semester - and now I am taking a break. I think this is just not the right time. Too many distractions.
On the progress front I will be co-chairing the Human Traffiking symposium in the fall and heping the board for Zonta. We are changing fundraising methodologies which was a huge emotional event for many people. So I guess my future looks like service, campaigns and hiking. You really cannot go wrong there.


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