Monday, July 09, 2012

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Perspective and the art of saying nothing.
Last night, I was talking about going backpacking and how I am preparing to go on a four day women’s backpacking adventure. Women's Veteran Backpack Expeditions

He started warning about backpacking and camping in the rain and how that the weather can really ruin plans and your gear can be soaked. Very cautionary in nature.

I just laugh. Why? He has no idea the of the Army motto “It is not training unless it’s raining”. I have learned the hard way more than once about leaky tents, rucksacks in water and soaked jungle boots. For some reason my cot has ended up under the leaky spot more than once. Granted I am not an Infantry soldier and have not rucked across countless grid squares but I get it. I stepped in trenched and been soaked more than once.

Early on as a young private (a long time ago) I packed my rucksack and did not put my things in the wet weather bag first. You can imagine how that turned on. Valuable lesson…. I will always instantly recognizes the smell of wet poncho – it stays with you.

I will say the gear is better now, more functional, more rain retardant! But the rain finds the training.

life is funny.

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