Sunday, December 29, 2013

To kill time I have been going to movies, hiking and yoga. Having two weeks off was not what I needed but I could not do anything about it.  So. I booked a trip to see my friend Beth.
She lives in Vermont and I have not seen her in almost ten years.
We met when we worked together at Borders in Ann Arbor and at the time our children were young and we were young mothers.
Now Chelsea is 22 and Toby is getting his drivers license.
I get to see them in a few hours. Vermont looks like a cross between Michigan and Germany.
Bitter cold and grey.

Last night I saw the movie  Philomena. I knew it was about adoption. It is based on a true story.
There was one sentence that literally got caught in my throat. As the  mom searches for her 50 year old son she says what if he went to Vietnam and did not come back.
Most viewers probably missed it, but it stopped my heart for a split second.
Being adopted from Detroit Catholic Services in 1970 during the heart of Vietnam you just never know.
I do know that I am so blessed with the family I was given.


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