Sunday, October 06, 2013

things I have learned in since January

things I have learned in since January

After living with 100+ degree temps for months 75 is freezing to me!
Perfect breakfast combination 1 packet of oatmeal and two scoops of peanut butter.
I can handle 3 Italian espresso's with 2-3 hours of one another! My Italian counterparts made amazing coffee with great pride!
A slight difference in Slovenian coffee, Turkish coffee and Italian coffee
Sometimes the nicest things happen when not expecting them (did not learn this over there but certainly experienced it)
Even ugly bare mountains can be peaceful and meaningful at times
I have the stomach for triage. I immediately fell into medic mode of which  I am not!
GSWs can be very clean.
Lettuce and Swiss cheese sandwiches quickly became my go to lunch favorite!
I was emotionally attached to either swiss or provolone and a little bummed if we were out..
That Bob's hot sauce that was on every table in the Farah DFAC is tasty on EVERYTHING.
Initially, I said I was not going to watch a lot of movies and I ended watching a ton.
I missed yoga incredibly...
I ate way too much ice cream in the evenings. I was an enabler!
I saved the book No Easy Day for one of the last books to read and I am glad that I did
I was inspired by the book Battle Ready - recommend it
I read three books that described Beirut / Lebanon and Palestine in great detail and I think I am smitten with the idea of going there
Somehow, I was inspired to take a vacation to Italy - Italy has never been in the top 20.
I increased my loans on Kiva and it has been pretty neat to watch the return
I can use this phrase in a sentence ll'invio tanto amore
Karzai never came to visit me... I had some things to chat with him about.
In Shindand the local workers made Mango Salad at the DFAC - it was probably the best meal I had the entire tour. I filled out a very enthusiastic comment card and quickly all of the workers knew me by my mango salad affinity.
I already knew this but..  some people I can have very easy conversations with and others are so painful...
The moon is beautiful there.
The red rocks that were barren jagged dirt hills - they pale in comparison to the mountains I can see everyday but I will miss them.
Downton Abbey was just as good the second time around - all three seasons.
The NameSake still one of my favorite movies.
I met some remarkable people and I will carry their stories with me for awhile.
I already knew I loved to go to the range but I really, really love to go to the range.
The simplicity is simple.
The complexity is complex.



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