Saturday, October 12, 2013

MAT to mat

Getting back on the MAT.
Last week I left the MAT and one of the most important things I know I needed to do
is get back on to my yoga mat. I got home Friday morning and gazed at the schedule online.
I wanted to go but I was hesitant.
I was ready but not ready.
On Monday morning I checked in for class and found my self situated in the studio.
I felt nervously comfortable. The familiarity of the practice felt great.
But I was wobbly and my knee was sneaking forward in front of the other.
I completely forgot the how to do side twist but the instructor was gracious and loving.
no judging as much as I was judging myself no one in the room was judging me.
After class I confessed out loud that this is was my first guided practice in 9 months.
I know this is where I belong and more importantly this is where I find peace.
The other practices this week have been slightly less shakey but the shake is still there.
Thank goodness child pose is always available and the welcoming atmosphere of peace and love.
Glad to be back on the mat.

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