Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Honoring a mom, I wish I would have met.

All Things Considered, November 6, 2007 ยท Family and friends are mourning the loss of Staff Sgt. Lillian Clamens. The Army reservist died in Baghdad just days before her tour of duty was up. She was married to an Army veteran and had three children.
Clamens, who joined the Army Reserves 17 years ago, was an administrative specialist and processed soldiers' paperwork; she wasn't on the front lines. She had been in Southern Iraq for the past year and was two days from returning home.
When she made it to Baghdad's Green Zone and text-messaged her husband, he thought the most dangerous part of her journey was behind her. But that's when the U.S. base was attacked my mortar fire.

Unit: Army, 1st Postal Platoon, 834th Adjutant General Company, Miami, Fla.
My heart and prayers goes to her unit and family.
Her husband has served two tours previously.


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