Monday, November 05, 2007

pure randomness

Ticking off the food basket list.. I wanted to run to Walmart on the way home from work to do some comparison shopping for the baskets. I was focusing on jello, stuffing and jelly/jam.

Stovetop stuffing is cheaper at Walmart than the Walmart brand by six cents. I bought six.

BUT the only inexpensive variety of jelly/jam was grape. 96 cents, 98 cents and 1.46 for the squeezable tube. I bought seven, but not thrilled with my purchase, I will definitely reach out to the commissary for the other flavors. Oddly, they did have jars of pineapple jam for 98 cents, but it looked risky. Pineapple jam just seemed out of season.

Jello. Ok - I went with the store brand for 37 cents. They did have a strawberry daiquiri and margarita flavored jello for only 26 cents, but there is just something wrong about that. The elders might have to trace back which family donated the unmentionables.


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