Monday, December 24, 2007

Let the vacation begin..
OK, so far not that climatic but progress is progress.
II started picking up and putting things away.
We ran out of wrapping paper, so I grabbed a bit more. I planning on picking up the bulk after Christmas at Tuesday Morning.
I have a few more places to run today, nothing mandatory. But just finishing touches.

We are watching my nephew for a few days. It is fun to have him around. The dogs are loving the extra attention and rations. He drops two cheerios for everyone he gets in his mouth.
He is playing in my pots and pans cupboards and hiding things.

I finished reading Getting Rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon.
It is chick lit, but that is good everyone in awhile. I will post later about an amazing female Navy officer and her book. I know Black Five already has a column called "someone you should know" but I might have to add one as well.

It has been a crazy National Guard week. We each have had very unusual calls and meetings with our change of command. Of course, now that the husband has his 20 year letter in his had, they want to work with him and set up some flexible opportunities. Ahhhhh... the big number game. I might get chance to help them out at the Denver Stock show. I am actually kind of excited. We will see what happens. It might be fun to check out the rodeo and the cows. I love cows, but not as much when they are on the way to the slaughter house.

Yesterday, I received a Christmas picture from my cousin. I was blown away. His kids are now 8 and 9 years old. But his son looks so much like my daddy. I went and dug up a picture of him as a child and the resemblance was uncanny. WOW.


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