Friday, April 25, 2008

This is has been an ehhh... week. Tuesday i discovered that some jacka%$ has stolen my debt card number and cleaned out my acct and overdraft $. I filed the police report poke with the bank and began the process. This is going to take weeks to straighten out. The tax acct is crunching numbers for the IRS and I have one more doc to take to him Monday morning. I am not sure if I will ever bother to do my taxes again. I intended to keep working on the yard, but all of my time escaped me this week with running around and house tasks. I was temporarily satisfied on Thursday morning when I put the bags of junk for the garbage man. Oh, I had to call them this week too. It seems like their automated billing systems stinks, I had an 83 cent credit with them and they decided to send a temporary block in service note. When I called the lady just laughed and said her computers were crazy. Ummmm. Seems like that company could save some money by not sending patrons with credits notices and envelopes.... We have my nephew for the weekend and he is turning in the charmer. He is very sweet. I will try to snap some pics over the weekend. My daughter has decided to go to prom with a friend, so she feverishly running to find the needed outfit. always something. Enjoy the weekend.


Blogger vana said...

AW! She did decide to go then? DO you have any pictures?

Monday, May 12, 2008 4:29:00 PM  

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