Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am not sure if I should name this win some lose some or…. Support your local library.
My daughter lost a cd and a hardcover book from the library on my account which has caused me not to be able to use the library for almost a month. Not that big of a deal because I have been busy any way.
What cracks me up is that are charging us $19.00 for the best of Depeche Mode,, I am pretty certain I could have picked up at Borders for less.
Not my account is out of the dreaded locked status and I can pick up some light hearted reading. The details of the economy and election have me under pressure.
Yesterday though I received an email that I had won a book of my selection from Everywomansvoice.
So, the library got some money from and in return I will receive a book!


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