Thursday, October 30, 2008

I joined the freecycle list serve near me. It is wonderful. After the election I am going to start putting some of our stuff to give away. It is a great way for people to recycle things they are not using and give to someone that is looking

I have less than fivedays left to volunteer. I have drill this weekend so I will not be available for the big push, but I feel like I have called every volunteer this week. I have met some amazing people and will have funny stories to tell later. I think the theme for people is disbelief and scared fo the future. I just shake my head with every new allegation and story. This morning homeless people in Ohio can use a park bench as a house address.

I made a big pot of veggie chili. I have not cooked a real dinner since I started volunteering for the campaign. We will be back to normal after next Wednesday.

I am curiuos to how many people will dress like Palin and Obabma for Halloween.


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