Friday, October 03, 2008


What an interesting debate. I even managed to get choked up at the end. (read: hormonal mess)
I was glued to my seat and actually found both Biden and Palin likable. At least I can listed to Biden and nod my head, Obama I cannot bare to listen to for more than afew seconds. Please do not let him be my new boss, please.
I like that they both agreed on tolerance and Israel.
I thought Biden's points on Pakistan were spot on but his comments about the inability of Johan McCain to lead men in war was crazy.
Palin was solid on the energy and taking care of the middleclass and the war in Iraq.

I think were are naive if think that either team can drastically change medical or move the needle substantially on alternative energy production when it is government funded, regulated and led.
It will take years to get it passed and years to see implementation. This does not mean we should not act, just that we should have more common sense and try to get things working faster at a local level.


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