Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finished reading... Souvenir

WOW - this book blew me away.
I highly recommend. I can relate to the story line and the age of the main character. It makes you think about you have and why you have it.
Author: Therese Fowler's blog
The weekend brought relaxing and reading.
I managed to take two garbage bags and a box of stuff to the goodwill. My daughter and I shopped on Black Friday - but we were pretty reserved. I have my list and I have a plan.
We did find a Dooney bag at the ARC for $7.50.
I watched a few of the comments about the new Secretary of State. This is my hope. I hope a bunch of people decide to leave the State Department and that opens up positions for people like me. seriously.
I am trying to ignore all of the president elect drama.
We had wet snow this morning. It was nice until the melt began. My dogs love it and they tend to make a mess.


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