Monday, November 24, 2008

I finished reading House and Home link
It was a good read, super easy and fast fiction.

My daughter and I are going to make pizelles for Thanksgiving and we made a trial batch and Saturday. The recipe did not really turnout as we would have hoped, so we are going to try again. We are having an Italian themed Thanksgiving with the American traditions as trimmings.
We relaxed with Little Michael this weekend, I let him play with the plastic cookie cutters and brought my daughters wicker chair set to play pretend. He loved it. By the end of the night in true boy fashion he had it flipped it over and made it into some vehicle of sort. He is at a pretty fun age. We cleaned and began to decorate a little it, We have 30 days left until Christmas, might as well enjoy some of the decorations for awhile.
I also found a decent sized box of things to drop off at the thrift store!

Sunday was busy at church. We had our annual Operation Cooperation where we packed up 75 Thanksgiving food baskets and delivered them. The response was overwhelming and it was fun to help out the cause.
We packed the boxes with fixings for the Thanksgiving table. Every corner I turn I find more and more ways to bless people. I think we are living in exciting times stemmed with opportunity.


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