Thursday, January 01, 2009

Few updates:

Please pray for my friend Mark - he is the hospital and has a very bad week. He makes progress and then loses to some other weird issue.
I am contemplating heading to Michigan after next week to help out. I love that family with all my heart. Airline tickets are high, but they might come around.
Funny you can fly to London cheaper than Detroit.

Today more of the same, I am taking down the tree and cleaning. We are headed to my sister in laws for New Years Day good luck foods.
Tomorrow we have an early eye appt and then the funeral later in the day.

Yesterday I did some additional researching on the Chaplain Assistant position for my daughter. It looks like she will not need a waiver, we just need to work a little harder with the recruiter.
I am sure they were not expecting me to call TRADOC and get additional details and facts. Whatever, I say let education/facts be the guiding decision. It was a total God thing, the LTC that answered the phone was very helpful and he helped connect me to the SGM right away. I have the facts and answers in email.


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