Friday, January 16, 2009

The weather was really nice today.
Of course, I spent zero time in it.
Unless, you count the drive and back to the commissary.
I made a purposefully effort to get organized and head for the grocery.
I used a list and many of my coupons that were expiring at the end of the month. I spent a chunk of change, but I feel I have enough for almost two weeks.
I will have to run out for fresh veggies and fruit, but we should be good.
Agenda is shaping for the weekend. I am trying to stay away from the media. I am just all too emotional about next week. I will miss Sean McCormick's State Department Briefs and Condi's poise and class. But it is, what it is.
I have books to read, crochet to master and the home to clean. Plenty of stuff to do!


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