Friday, February 27, 2009

What a busy week.
I will have to say we got a few major rocks moved.
Graduation invitations are in, I just have to pick them up.
Glasses are in, I just have to pick them up.
Taxes are complete, I just have sign them and they submit e-file. Thank goodness we do not owe. We just need to continually donate and have deductions on that level.
I have been officially assigned to the unit, I start training on Monday..combatives. My lunch from co-workers was very sweet and much appreciated
Paid car insurances and renewed tags for the daughters car.
I finished a slide deck for the Colorado Springs Human Trafficking Task Force.

I need to get the oil changed, mail a package, get a haircut.
Next week is huge for a few things I have been working on; It is the Glass Slipper Ball and the film A Powerful Noise.


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