Friday, June 05, 2009


I must admit this has been a slow week. But I am happy it is Friday.

I am reading a new book ( of course ) and I have two great qoutes from it.
One puts a spin on both my situation and my daughter's experience on Basic Training.

Izzy Pose, "My new not-so-fun status was leaving a bad taste in my mouth like two percent milk in your coffee when you are used to half and half!" True that.

also from Pose..."You have to build a nest, you cannot just fly into one."

I am enjoying her writing. It has been my bright spot the last few days.

Being the foodie that I like to think I am, I can say that I am already sick of the Mess Hall here in Texas, everyone promises it is better in country. For that I wait.


Blogger Sheryl said...

Not a comment on this blog, but a question...
Do you know how to get DVDs to the troops? Info on the web is all over the place and much is out of date. I also don't want to send to an organization without knowing if they are legitimate.

Monday, June 08, 2009 2:13:00 PM  

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