Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I am leading a small group here.
Last night we met and watched the Rob Bell Nooma video "Shells".
It is good. Very poignant. I cannot wait to see what God does there
They had mangoes, and fresh peaches the dining facility the last few days!
Woo hoo.
The swiss and munster cheese are tasty as well. I had two half sandwiches for dinner. One toasted with swiss and tomato and the other toasted with peanut butter and honey.
loved it.
We had mail call today and I am once again very fortunate to have great co-workers and friends. I left the candy in the office for my vultures to eat (I really mean my co-workers, but they are like little boys when it comes to candy. I brought in Organic Late July cookies and only a few with sophisticated palates enjoyed them, I opened the skittles today and they were like a kittens looking for milk.)
She sent me Martha Stewart magazines! woo hoo :)
My trainee graduates on Thursday... I love her and I am very proud.
Good hour work out tonight.
off to sleep now.

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