Friday, July 31, 2009

Notes from today

A really good workout and walk last night. I have no intention ofbulking up or getting my "swell on" as they say in these parts. It just feels good to move, stretch and walk. I am planning on starting the yoga class late next week. I am getting questions daily about when I am going to "host" the class. I am going to use a video at first to make sure we are on track and everything flows. Then pick it up on my own.

I am having a hard time with mindless idle chat. I would prefer not to chat at all. Especially not about just stuff... There was a huge announcement at real work today. Thank goodness my co-workers are keeping me informed.

Craving today: Lobster Bisque and Slovenian Mushroom Soup
We got to talking about soup and the fact that I really like it. Especially, bread bowls. You cannot beat soup in a bread bowl. Summers are great for soup because the vegetables are both fresh and plentiful. I am keeping my facebook updated, my friends and neighbors are on it so it makes it easier.

Yummy summer soup

Interesting blog


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