Thursday, July 30, 2009


few things going on here.

Politics and change are running high right now.

I am attempting to stay away from the politics and be flexible of any change. As long as my shift runs smoothly, I just hand it off. Period. And when I pick it back up the next day, I try to iron it out again for our duration.

I am trying to cut back on things that really grind my nerves, but one of the things, that max me out is the chewing of sunflower seeds and spitting the seeds in a cup. I may be greatly tested. My right hand man is a big sunflower eater, which in turn ends with a big sunflower shell spitter. He must have had a cup of sun flower seeds in his mouth yesterday and then occasionally he will chat with me with the seeds in the mouth. I know this is a small issue, but it is like a small pebble in your shoe.

Speaking of shoes. When I first got here I developed a huge blister. There is so much river rock everywhere that my ankles roll back and forth. I definitely neededsome trail shoes. They have came in the mail and for the record they are pink. So, imagine this... me in Iraq with pink trail shoes. They are perfect. Providing the comfort I need and a small smile when I lookdown.


Blogger oO lb Oo said...

pink shoes are the best!

Monday, August 24, 2009 10:10:00 AM  

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