Friday, July 24, 2009

All is well.
I am settling in. Making time to read, exercise and walk.
Most of the time is enjoyable.
I have been fortunate during mail call. It is great to know I have pretty amazing friends and the fact that not all of my packages are not from my personal orders from Amazon or
The daughter only has a few days of Basic left, I cannot wait to chat with next week and see a few pics.
The food has been ok in the mess hall, but can tell I will need to supplement the food. The fresh veggies and fruit appear to be on a rotational basis. Bananas only get placed out at breakfast, so I need to try to get to that meal at least regularly. I picked up a pear the color of a beautiful fall leaf this morning. I was looking forward to having it for lunch. The appearance was fare greater than the taste... It was a little dry and the sweetness has poured out somewhere in route. Maybe next time. The sad thing is that the desserts are great, I just do not want to eat desserts all the time. Cakes, cobblers, cookies, ice cream, even cheese cake....


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