Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Admittedly the posts have been on the light side and a tad bit sporadic.
Some days I have a lot to say and others I have nothing to say.
I spend a lot of my time keeping busy, because that is one thing I do well. I did indulge in 7 hours of dvd watching on Halloween. I picked up all six seasons of the L-Word. It is really good. I think it is a combination of Sex and the City, Onetree Hill and Big Love. Just hard to explain, but when you have hours to fill mindless entertainment is just the ticket.

I finished my International Politics class and my International Management Class starts today.

The best news is that CHels passed her pt test. I am proud of her. She just has a few more hurdles to go over.

We are stuck in the 80's music on shift. Listening to the The Smiths, The Cure.. It is kinda funny sometimes. Our shift is age divided. 1/2 of us are late 30's and the other are early 20's...

enjoy everything fall..


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