Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two more weeks have gone by.
The time moves along fast here.
I am keeping busy and that helps.
I try to stay focused on the things I want to while I am here and try not to let the daily distractions get me down. They get me once while, but yoga, bakalava and a few laughs put things in perspective.
HIGHLIGHT of the last two weeks:

But Fresh blueberries is right up there. Raspberries too... only a handful of each.. but very good.
I tried a few new Iraqi things and I have to say I really love the food that I eat.
I tried an amazing sweet treat samesemma... basically sesame seeds prepared amazingly.
Bakalva too..

Chelsea is very short at AIT and will be home soon.

As families gather together it makes me smile. Enjoy this Christmas.

love ya


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