Monday, April 29, 2013

another day has been given

Day to Day is either completely mundane or completely obscure.

Yesterday, Small Arms Range – great training. Throw lead downrange, practice, concentrate and with a somewhat solid zero I have comfort knowing I have the capability to protect myself.

Lunch – Telling a gentleman whom I think is from India about romaine lettuce. My eating patterns are even more obscure here than they are at home. I will say that I consistently ask for two pieces of cheese (swiss or provolone) and 3 pieces of romaine lettuce. Yesterday he asked me where that word comes from and if it is the same as lettuce. I told him yes but now when I go back tonight I have a little more information for him.  It comes from the Greek language and the ancient Greeks and Romans held lettuce in high regard both as a food and for its therapeutic medicinal properties.   - Thank you Whole Foods :)
I need all of the therapeutic properties I can get at this point!
Some sorting, working and planning.
Catholic Mass and then protestant community led service.

I read this article - Which inspired me to send a note to the chaplain in the article. Everyone needs encouragement! I invited him to come out west!

Then I listened to yoga nidra and slept deeply.

Today – entirely different so far, but maybe some of the same.
I woke up to the neighbor down the hall playing Bryan Adam’s live cd. I cannot explain. It was a private sign that my God pays attention to even the very small stuff.



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