Wednesday, April 24, 2013

edison revelation

And the light bulb clicks....

I have been a member of Kiva  since 2009/2010 time frame.  I have enjoyed participating and reading about people standing up for themselves and their families.

Taking out small Microloans to build businesses that result in shelter, food and education is an effort I can get behind. I typically use a somewhat unbiased system to choose my next person to support. I am half way through reading the book The International Bank of Bob  and it just clicked.

Debbie, you are not buying - you are lending....  Lending  Just like Wells Fargo and other creditors take the chance  you give someone else a chance as well.

This perspective has opened my mind and door to concept I was already committed to and actively participating. But now I get it.  I have reinvested all of my small loan repayments thus far. And with solid ROI Kiva has the risk is low... so, I am thinking why not and raise the stakes a bit.

A friend of mine also told me about a few giving circles in the Springs. Looking forward to partnering to make difference. 

Recommend reading the book.

Recommend taking a chance  - the risk is low and the impact could be great. Generational even.

Bob Harris  has a promotion at the moment that allows new lenders to try Kiva and he is pitching the first $25. (limited time  - while supplies last and other legal things)

:) Not the first time I mentioned Kiva over the years....

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