Saturday, June 15, 2013

lessons I am learning

I struggled with this book.
Why - economics
When it comes to international aid. I am curious.
Curious about the outcomes and successes and the people that have been touched.

I am not an economic guru in fact I have never taken a straight up economics class.
However, I am always up for slicing and dicing data.
Dean Karlan is simply amazing - His ideas and the way that he pushes envelopes to find out the how things interact is simply amazing. (yes redundant I know) Link for additional information
I was almost 2/3 complete and had to jump to the last chapter. I had to hear what he concluded but in the end he offered a few ideas that proven to be true and sound. He raised questions about current practices and what international aid looks like now and where it could go in the future.

Until I figure out exactly what I should be doing (ugh) I will just keep reading and research ==  just keep peeling back the layers!


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