Friday, August 16, 2013


I hope that I remember these stories for the days to come to remind of what I should be doing and who I should be doing them for. Of course it is always complicated but now I atleast can understand more. Which is why we need to educate and encourage one another. I say always. But I know I do not have always follow this - but I am trying...

I hope this email finds you well and my apologize for writing you late.

I want to inform you that the cash was paid to the following women:


*     1500 Afns to Zobaida, the young women who has a very low economy status. she lost her parents and  has one sister that has a serious sickness of kidney and is under treatment. her only brother has nervous problem. Zobaida has no one to feed her and her sister and brother but some financial aid or food of her villagers and sometimes she sells eggs of her chicken. one month ago she  had a serious sickness of (ladies) but she had not her operation expenses. finally we collected some money for her and she was operated.  

*     1500 Afns to Saeeda the mother of 7 children. her husband is drug infected and he is old, he is jobless. Saeeda is cleaner at DOWA and her salary is about 4000 afns/month. she is the only member of family who earns 4000 afns each month and purchases some basic food materials. (When I heard that she has the only two pairs of cloths and in hot weather has no fan,her children slept with no dinner, my eyes were filled with tears and soon I prepared some cloths for her and her children and gave her some other items)

*     500 Afns to and old women who was walking all the road under the sunny hot weather to collect some pieces of bread. when she knocked the door I couldnt ignore .


*     $ 20 was paid to Aqela, the young widow women who has 4 children. Aqela recently got job which is cleaner in one of private schools that earns 3000 afns/month. she lives with aid of some people who usually sends her extra cooked food.

I passed them your wishes and regards and they were very grateful


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