Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 End of the years Organizations to support

My post from 2011 is almost exactly what I would post today. Focus on People. We need to help one another...

Blog post from December 2011

With a few small changes. The Mission Continues - I support this organization - The mission just makes sense.Mission Continues
If you are a veteran or know of a veteran share this organization with them it just might change their lives.

Hagar International - Seriously transforming lives. Excited to partner with this organization in 2014. Very interested in the work they are doing in Afghanistan.  Hagar link

Humanitarian Organization for Local Development (HOLD)
HOLD A program near and dear to my heart and you will hear more about them during 2014. Just an honor to work with Zala and Susan. I will stand with the women in Farah, Afghanistan as long as I am able.

And something new Phoenix Mutlisport   Phoenixmultisport- Why? because deep down I wish so many people I know would get sober so that they could enjoy life more. S,o they could be happy more than being unhappy. Their children, family and grandchildren need them.

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