Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yesterday, we had a bit of relief.
Chelsea visited two ophthalmologists and both of them conducted a series of tests. According to both offices she is not color blind. So, early next week we need to prepare a waiver and send it up the channels. I am not sure how this process works, but as right now we have all the needed documentation.
Our friend Mark was moved from ICU to a regular room. Please continue to breathe a prayer for him. In the next few days they should be moving him we hope to Ann Arbor.
I was able to get the oil changed and get a haircut. All of which I really needed. I have drill next weekend and it was at a stage that was neither staying up or back.
Yesterday, we attended the funeral for our friend. It was well attended and she was honored.
Today, I plan to just relax I hope to be headed off to yoga soon.
I cannot believe it is Jan 2009. I have made a few personal goals, but they are not for every one to take in and understand. I plan to be more active in the community and will probably take another major trip.
We have major milestones in 2009. Chelsea will graduate from high school, and head to either college or military. She is planning on taking a trip to Italy in July. My brother and his wife are expecting their second child and he turns 40 in April.


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