Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thank You Macy's.

Ok one of the Macy's here in town is going out of business.
They are at 60% off. It was time for my daughter and I to make some major underwear purchases.
The Army will providing our ensembles for the next year, we just need to make sure we are prepped in other areas..
So, we broke down and the major purchases. I mean for goodness sake the average temp is 100 over there, I need comfort.
Another box checked!
woo hoo...
Hair, I got a very tight hair cut. Way off my neckline, but the front is still feminine enough to pull it off. I can pull it back under under my helmet or just wear it normally.
BOX checked!

Yesterday, we dropped more off at Goodwill and the recycle trash is sorted and ready to go.

On Friday night we finished the majority of the graduation announcements. We have them sealed and addressed! Just need stamps. yeah.
Today is undecided..


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