Monday, June 29, 2009

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I ordered this YA novel purely based on the details online. Frankly, I like it that way sometimes. I am up for the chance of stumbling upon a realy great book. Last week I realized that I had better finish my hard cover book so that I would have more room and flexibility in my carry on (some soldiers load up on PSP and external hard drives, I have books)

I devoured the book. It is well written and engaging. The story is very sweet and has love wrapped throughout the plot, both love for family and love in relationships.
I kept thinking that my daughter and her friends Kara and Savannah would love it.
This would have been a book that my friends from high school would have passed back and forth.

A few reviews
book review

For some reason I cannot reach the publsiher site, but it is published by Penguin and you can read all of the details on that site. I read on a few sites they might consider making this into a movie. I could understand the attraction

The synopsis from the publisher:


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