Sunday, August 30, 2009

Link to the news Share Your 'Guiding Light' Memories ...
I am not sure what to think. I mean I know stuck here in the land of the desert, but I thoughtsomeone would have brought this to my attention. This is just further verifies I am getting older, Guiding Light is a generational legacy in my family. My grandmother watched it religiously, My mother watched it religiously and for years I watched it.
I used to get off the bus in front of the Food Town and run home only stopping at the bathroom to watch Guiding Light.
In the mid-eighties I was glued to this show - I wanted to be part of the Bauer family and go to the picnics. I loved the Spauldings. I had a crush on "Simon" for years and thought Harley was a very cool women. Phillip Spaulding was a heart throb. And to share a bit of truth here,there was a character named Chelsea on the show and where did you think I found inspiration to name my daughter... Just for the record not from the Clinton family in Arkansas. WOW. I have not watched the show in years, but some how I will make an attempt to watch finality this in the desert.


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