Sunday, August 16, 2009

Makes me want to go to Maine...

Another week down. It is always pretty productive.I was able to chat on the phone some, send packages to a few folks, write a few letters and even read a few blogs. I received a few nice packages and cards this week too.

I became an aunt again which is a great honor, I was able to call them while they were still at the hospital with the little guy.
I am working on my Spanish (mostly just reading and writing at this point), I have been reading my International Politics text book and catching up on other things. I did one day of yoga last week and we officially have yoga on the mwr schedule two days a week. (yeah). I will be able to do more in my room once the my computer gets here.

I am planning my R&R. I have specific details, but I am not revealing all the details now.

The most exciting thing is that it will be part ministry, part travel.

I am still working out all the details and trying to create a doable budget in Euros. I made a small list for my family to send for my birthday. I will turn 39 in Iraq.

I asked for Strawberry Rhubarb jam, Desert Bean Dip, a Pine scented candle and a large thick towel. Over here it is just the simple things...


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