Sunday, November 11, 2007

The good news is that I have a decent majority of Christmas shopping finished.
I even broke down and purchased a few new decorations for the house to including an outside Jingle Bell Door Swag with Flocked Bow Accent
I am trying to clean up the yard to make it presentable for our company...

I have a few special friends I am looking for thoughtful splurge gifts. Something nice that they would not purchase themselves. (most have children or grandchildren and spend their pennies on the kiddos)

I always see travel candles packages.
Honestly, I do not travel with candles. I guess if I were traveling to the desert for 16 months I would bring along a few candles. But typical trips are candle free.
I found this Travel Candle Set

This is a set of four perfectly sized travel candles makes the perfect addition to your destined home away from home. A private villa in Capri or a souk in India instantly become familiar with Tocca's signature scents.
Set includes one each of Cleopatra (cucumber and tangy grapefruit), Grace (Casablanca Lily), Havana (spicy sugarcane and rum), and Kyoto (fruity-floral), packaged in a gift box.

Burn Time: 10 hours per votive

It looks pretty... Sounds lovely. Makes me want to travel to use it! Just not what I am looking for.

Blog reading led me here Cancer banter. Drop her a line of encouragement.


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