Thursday, May 08, 2008


I visited the Co-op this week. I liked it. I picked up bulk rice and oatmeal. My husband is going to try the buffalo and my daughter and devoured delicious locally grown greenhouse tomatoes.
I think this really good be a good thing. Eating locally and helping out local farmers. The bulk products will also help our budget longer term and I can share with family and neighbors. Bulk items to investigate: raw sugar, corn meal, flour and beans.
We have a shower of rain yesterday and frequent visit from warm sunshine. My garden is popping up :) I have seven yellow squash plants developing into strong seedlings on the kitchen counter. I am going to wait another few weeks before I transplant them outside. I found a few traces of seeds left over from last year and spotted sun flowers, lettuce and of course plenty of mint popping up. Of course the weeds are here too!
My daughter has applied to the summer program at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA and has been accepted. This will be exciting for her.

We did get sad news about two dear people. Our neighbors sister in Akron, Oh has been diagnosed with bone and blood cancer. Another family friends wife has been diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer. Both prognosis is extremely grave. Damn ugly cancer.

Last week I took two grocery sacks of paperbacks and set them in our break room and wrote enjoy for my co-workers.. All of them disappeared. Woo Hoo... I just need to do that about 20 more times with books and magazines and I will be thrilled. I am trying desperately to make progress and organize things at my house. De clutter!

Yesterday I received an amazing note from my old team. It was the 10 year anniversary of launching wow.


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