Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another day.
I packed all my stuff today for a dry run. It is going to be pretty tight, but I think I am going to make it without sending anything back to CO or ahead to the APO. I have inches of room left if that. My bags are amazingly heavy. I cam imagine the pools of sweat it is going to take for me to lug those in KU. We will be in staying in AC holding tents for a few days one we get there and move on. Looking forward to moving on part.
I have been sharing emails with many of you making you sure you know the particulars and latest infor about the girl in basic. She is doing well. She is enjoying all of the mail and doing her fair share of writing herself. I think she has suprised a few people with letters. She gets that from her mother, I agree that there is nothing better than a good handwritten letter.
Handwriting... you know I sometimes long to see my moms handwriting and I will dig up something she wrote over ten years and go and just look at the letters. Just makes me feel still connected sometimes. I have a few of my grand mothers last letters as well and it makes me smirk. Shees.
Sadly, I have no real idea what my dad's handwriting really looked like. I have older letters that he wrote my mom when they were courting, but nothing from his final years. Not even sure if there is anything in my Aunt's things that may have the script.
I splurged today and had more Tangerine juice, blueberries, eggplant parm and spumonti ice cream. There is a local italian place that delivers to the mob area and they have been busy for weeks... I am sure they will be sad to see us go. It is pretty good Italian for central Texas.
I will attempt to keep up the blog, but might be sporadic the next few weeks. I will post quick snips on facebook.

Many people have asked when they can begin to send me packages, I would wait until after the Independence Day weekend. As far as my needs... my personal needs are few, but since I am traveling with 400 of my newest and closest friends we always have a need or two...

I have been using Amazon and drugstore.com since both of them offer free shipping over $25. Chelsea has loved all over her packages. Do you know how hard it is to send a care pack without foor or anything else that would get a young private in trouble? shish... The last one was cough drops, q-tips, shower gel and baby wipes. :)
Take care all.
We have much to pray about with the increased issues in Iran, the DC metro accident, poverty and increased violence. My prayer journal is being filled.



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