Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, We have made it to the first stop. So, far so good. The heat feels good and with sunglasses the swirling sand is not even that bothersome. We have clean living conditions and the fact that we only have 18 females with us, allows us to have plenty of living space. I am using one cot to sleep on and the other as my dresser/table. I am not going to give a ton of details but this entire base is totally geared towards providing basic comforts to soldiers. It really makes me feel proud. The USO provided free coffee, snacks, books and etc before we left Texas and then again when we picked up our new crew.
One of the coolest things is that we flew Northwest. Made me feel close to home and close to friends that have years of dedicated service to that company.
I had to buy a cheap watch. I always use my cell phone as my time piece and I never wear a watch. I have a box full of them, but had not wanted to bring along. Thankfully, a nice Kuwaiti man sold me one for $10. Cannot beat that!
The Mess hall was great just like I had assumed. I basically just had veggies today, but they were fresh and a large variety. The salad was very tasty. They even had kale and asparagus on the line! The cool thing is that they have real swiss cheese. Have a few ounces of cheese is great because I can keep up the dairy intake and it has protein. No complaints here
I have finished two good books - I will post seperately on the details.
I spoke with the daughter at basic. She had rifle skills all week and struggled a little bit. Now that they have her tracking as a left handed firer she should have a better week.

-all the best


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