Monday, April 26, 2010


good weekend
We ate, walked, talked and explored.
Friday Night - Thai Food in Landstuhl. good.
Saturday - Day trip to Dachau. it was a long bus ride. But definitely something I need to see.
Sunday - French- German hike. very good.

I have visited the Fisher House twice so far since I have been here.
I have a link to the organization on the right since I started my blog. This is an amazing organization. Go check it out. They have two houses here on LRMC. We dropped off flowers the first day and cookies today. I chatted for a few minutes and they suggested that I bring maybe grapes and bananas. All of the snacks go by quick! That is definitely doable.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I just finished reading Jim Beaver's book Life's That Way. His website
First of all, this book will rip your heart in pieces.
It is a book that compiles all of the emails he sent to friends and family when he found out his wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.
I had not heard of him or his wife prior to picking up this book. So, the star factor did not come into play. I just read every single word as if I was part of the group he was emailing. The emails are so raw it is unbelievable.

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Just finished reading the book by Jim Beaver and I could not put it down.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

in Germany

Thank goodness I made it here before the smoldering ashes of the volcano closed down countless airports. But I made it here two days prior. It is so good to see her. Just to hang out and view life as she sees it now. We had a good 1st weekend. There is plenty to take in.
I finished two very good books.
The first one is a memoir written by Ellen Greene. Absolutely fabulous. I recommend it to anyone who wants an insightful look at love and the trials that life will take you through. Remember the Sweet Things.

The second book was very inspirational. I finished the last few chapters on the train to Trier. I shed a tear or two, but it also motivated me in a way like no other. The Unforgiving Moment by Craig M. Mullaney.

Friday, April 09, 2010

It's the small things

just the small things...
Elliot's tiny hands.
Abby's little voice.
Michael's shy voice and sweet looks.
The neighborhood cat that now eats on my moms porch. (she would freak out).
kind thoughts.
small words.
tulips, green grass

Airport reading

Yesterday was a travel day.

My flight from Colorado Springs was oversold so I took the voucher to take a later flight,

I figure I might as well take what I can since they just charged me $25 to check my bag.

I finished reading Falling Apart in one Piece by Stacy Morrison link and Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard blog for Elizabeth Bard.

Both easy reads and enjoyable. Stacy Morrison writes an amazing memoir of her journey through seperation and eventual divorce and the drama that follows.
Elizabeth tells her amazing memoir of her life in Paris, marrying a frenchman and the adventures.
Both books focus on the relationships - the strength, the weak and the determination to continue.

Monday, April 05, 2010

we made it

The Battalion is home.
Welcome Ceremony is complete.
Now I am just working on taking care of things.
Yoga, bills, junk mail, cleaning, packing, sorting, eating...
The weather is enjoyable.
I had an awesome massage today at Matteo's Day Salon.
It is good to catch up with family and friends.
I took my nephew to see "How to Train a Dragon". He liked but noted that Batman flies better.
I watched the Last Song. Oh my that is a tear jerker. It is good but pretty raw on the emotions.