Tuesday, May 30, 2006



My curiosity always gets the best of me, I heard that we were supplying high-energy biscuits to the earthquake victims. What exactly do they put in these in these high-energy biscuits? Surprisingly there are several articles giving me the extra information I need.

High Protein Biscuits
Levels of essential vitamins and minerals in high protein biscuits provided by the EC are specified. The biscuits made of cereals, vegetable fats, sugar, vegetable or dairy proteins, dried milk and added vitamins and minerals are to provide 60-80 percent of the RDA per 100 grams.
Check out what they are calling First Strike Rations. To be eaten by soldiers during the first 72 hours of a war. First Strike Rations
I wish I made more time to read this complete article, but a student from Tufts University wrote his entire thesis on Humanitarian Daily Rations Research

Which reminds me I need to order my books for school in two weeks. No more browsing - I need to get moving! Have a great day.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Food for thought

Random things I read today.

Patriotic Thought
Q: How do I know if I'm exercising hard enough to get aerobic benefits?

A: I like to do the sing test. Sing "America the Beautiful" while you exercise. It should sound something like this: "Oh beautiful (breathe) for spacious (breathe) skies, for amber (breathe) waves of grain (breathe)."
You should need air every two or three words. If you can belt out five or six words before inhaling, you're going too slowly. Speed up! If you need several breaths between words, slow down! You're working too hard!

Drinking lemonade could help prevent painful kidney stones, new research shows.Regular consumption of the refreshing drink -- or even lemon juice mixed with water -- may increase the production of urinary citrate, a chemical in the urine that prevents the formation of crystals that may build up into kidney stones. So conclude two studies presented Tuesday at the American Urological Association annual meeting in Atlanta.


New York - Chocolate lovers, rejoice! A new study hints that eating milk chocolate may boost brain function


Pray for Peace in
East Timor

Indonesia quake death toll tops 5,400
A very successful weekend and now today we rest.
The BBQ grill will stay cold today and the husband will not be searing any thing on the grill.
It was so nice to be with family and friends this weekend. I am thankful that we can take the time to get to together to celebrate little and big moments.
We have to be thankful for each time we gather together.

Look who is getting bigger....

My neice is growing and getting bigger every hour! Mom and dad says she has her days and nights mixed up. Hmmm. I thought that was normal. I cannot wait to see her and hold her. I think she looks like my brother, but cannot really tell until I get to see her upclose.

Friday, May 26, 2006

one of my favorite memories as a child

Blue moon ice cream in Northern Michigan.
When we travelled to visit Aunt Edna - we would always induldge in this!

Sky blue ice cream with a blue flavor to match!
hudsonville icecream

Just for kicks I entered my zip code into the ice cream locator.
I think I am up for the road trip:
ONLY 980.36 miles!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

the week

Something is a bit awry lately at the house.
I am just not feeling complete.
Just not feeling like I have it together, restless.
I am not sure if it is the pending summer and all of the busyness and fun or just a funk.
Yesterday, I took a nap in the middle of the day, last night I tossed and turned.
I need something and I cannot put my finger on it. Ususally when I am not feeling great I can mask it with lattes from starbucks or tall glasses of mineral water.
I tried to do a little shopping over lunch to find something to wear on Saturday. It was about all I could do not to have a small break down in Stein Mart. But, I am managed to grab a skort/skirt. I can accessorize the rest at home. (Later, the daughter gave her opinion on the print. I am just not even going to go there this morning.)

This is the week of eating and visiting. Our nephew is graduating from high school. Schedule is as follows: last night dinner at sister-in-laws, tonight mother-in-laws, Thursday sister–in-law, Friday some place I am sure, Saturday graduation party, Sunday our house. Picture it as if it is a giant rotating dinner plate.

We received an email from our friend in Iraq. It seems that he has been hit by an IED – he spent a few days in ICU, but returning to duty when is unit picks him up. He was incredibly lucky. Please keep good thoughts for him.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I just finished reading Daniel Isn’t Talking
WOW. I realize that I just read a fiction book, but I feel as if I just read a portion of my friend’s life.
She has a son named Daniel and he is autistic and she used ABA to help him with speech, and other social skills. He is a true miracle and an awesome little boy. I love and miss them.
A review...
An excerpt

A surprise in the mail yesterday. I love that!
I have one of the dearest friends in the world. My friend B sent me a package for mother’s day. Thank You! Thank You! IT was filled with a sweet note and some summer reading.

Which reminds me I need to get a few surprises of my own in the mail. If anyone has figured out how to get ice cream to Iraq - let me know.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was out of the house for nine days.
Nine things to get done today

4-5 loads of laundry
Wipe down bathrooms
Dust downstairs
Trip to commissary
Ant Spray - holy smokes, they are everywhere along the sidewalk.
Weed part of the garden – the radishes are up about 3 inches now, but the seedlings I planted two weeks ago are dead. I started new one’s before I left and I think they might be ready to go in.
unpack bags
sort through accumulated mail

Hang out with family….
My daughter said = Mom I have not had breakfast all week, no one was here to make it for me. (guilt trip, thank you)

We need to get things ready for next weekend, our nephew is graduating from high school and we have a few things to bring to the celebration.

I am glad I do not live in Oregon
or New Orleans


Overheard on the family cell
Husband (sounding tired and frustrated)
I am making my second trip to Home Depot because they forgot to include the pin with the auger. The traffic is a mess over here. (He is helping his sister and brother-in-law build a fence and at this point it was not going well.)

Me What is going on at the Arena?

I am not sure, but I think it is an Amway convention or something.

Me I laugh

Last night while watching the news we discovered it was not the convention he had thought... it was the GOP convention

He makes me laugh.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

good news

This is great news from A Storm in Afghanistan
Stop by and wish them Congratulations and extended prayers.
Looks like the doctors mysteriously can no longer find the diagnosed stage FOUR cancer.
Random thoughts for the week:

It's green here - really green. Very nice.

It rains here, really nice. (too bad I could not direct these clouds 7 states away to my back yard!)

Mess Halls are a great place to people watch. I am not sure where the Army finds all of these unique people, but interesting to see how they all interact. We are one huge social experiment!

I received an email from our friend down range - he said the temperature measured 130 this week. I wish I could send him a gallon of ice cream and tall glass of ale.

When I am lying in my sleeping bag around 10 pm, my throat grows tight and I feel as if my heart stops just for a moment. Why? Taps. Yeah. Taps.
I do not hear it too much when I am home, but it takes on such a powerful meaning when you have actually lost someone you served with or you have experienced others involved in a loss.

Last night, I thought about SGT Reyes, I was no longer in his unit when he deployed but had proudly served with him in HQs for three years. I prayed for Christina last night and her children. What a loss.
I thought about the CPT that lived 5 houses down the street from us and how our street came together when we heard the devastating news. I remember sitting in the chapel when they called his name for Role Call three times. It felt as if someone was ripping my heart from me.

I thought how I felt when I stood in front of SFC Ramirez's picture at the SF musuem at Fort Bragg. He was from our state and in my husband's sister company.
I prayed for Learning to Live . I prayed for Kate Blaise.

More later. Be safe.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Note to Daughter

You think that I am here just relaxing and enjoying the time with limited laundry, no dogs, no dishes no cooking and no bickering... Well I am.... But I miss you too.

I will be home soon. Thanks for helping dad and beign a good sport. Remember be kind and it will come back to tenfold.

Do not worry about the unresponsive mean boys....

Happy Mothers Day

Well, Life is uneventful and class is going well.I made it to the destination early Thursday morning and stayed at the AFB lodging. Not a bad deal for 25.00.

I want to tell you about an airport moment I had on Wed.
Everyone has an airport story, I have several and this is just another added event.

I was waiting for my connecting flight, and a mom with three very small children came to sit next to me. She looked exhausted, she had an infant in a front carrier, an adorable little boy that was exhausted and a small girl all clinging to her. I smiled and made small talk with the little girl. Within in just a few minutes she was sound asleep on the arm rest. The mom was trying to help the fussy boy and the only thing he wanted was sleep! She began to share her story. They had started traveling two days ago. They were in Africa on a trip, they traveled through Brussels then Chicago and then eventually home. When they got to Chicago they missed their connecting flight and now had to wait another 6 hours. The Poor thing was exhausted. I watched the little one's sleeping while she found a baby changing station. She was overwhelmed by traveling, the children and the unresponsiveness of the airline. Before boarding I ran over the Corner Bakery and bought three cookies and some milk to share. I handed the bag over and told them they could eat it when they got on the airplane. She prepared to get on the plane and had to argue with the agent to actually let her get on first, so that she could get the kids settled in. Te Agent actually told her that they no longer let elderly and adults traveling with small children board first. I was shocked. But, an elderly woman had over heard this as well and scooped up her bags and said come with me! Sure enough she was able to get the mom and children settled in.

Mothers Have to support one another sometimes.
I sure hope she has a Happy Mother's Day - she deserves it!
Happy Day to all.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random things from today

You can buy a desktop and monitor for $300 – new (after rebates) Now that is inexpensive
The May Longaberger promotions are very tempting
Only window shopping, I swear. But I promised myself that I would not order any until August.

This past weekend I scrambled to finish reading the Map of the new Pentagon for my class. I wrote the paper that I thought was due on the 5/7. My professor excitedly wrote back thanking me for turning it in very early. I went back to the syllabus only to discover that it was not due until the May 17th.

At breakfast my daughter was feeling a grumpy, she looked at me and said, "You have known me for 15 years and you are still trying to talk to me at the breakfast table." Umm.. yeah I am, remember I am the morning person.

Peru update. Ticket to Miami has been purchased, trip paid for, thank-you's sent. The daughter just needs to continue to earn money to purchase a few things prior to leaving and then spending money in country. God is faithful. She has enough babysitting jobs to take her through the summer.

it is snowing

Great - my seedlings I proudly planted are probably dead. Let it snow, Let it snow!

Monday, May 08, 2006

letter writer, risk taker

I wrote a letter on Friday that I have been writing mentally in my mind for years. I am going to XXX out a few details to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. I understand that there is good and bad in almost every organization – they are ran by people and that’s a fact.
I am not perfect, never claimed to be perfect. I am not sure, if I will receive a response, or if I will even like the response. But I really feel so much better just by sending it.
So, here it is…….

Dear Sir and fellow Veterans
I have been meaning to send this letter for several years. I have written it repeatedly in my head, always claiming that I have had the last straw.
Well last night, was the night.
I live in XXXX. Both my husband and I are veterans. My husband frequents the VFW XXXX. In 2003, when he returned from OEF, many of the soldiers would gather, talk about the times “down range” and mend their brokenness with beer and good times.

The VFW is a great place where soldiers can connect. However, the XXXX VFW is probably the epitome of Veterans organizations. You would think that an organization located in a town with five military installations would be busy serving the community and its retirees. Sadly, VFW XXXXX does very little to help veterans and actually creates an enabling environment. Over the last four years, there has been countless DUIs, increasing alcoholism, drug abuse, bad-checks, gambling, and extra-martial affairs all associated with the post. There have been several instances of members stealing from this post. It seems as if the people cannot separate themselves from running the canteen “bar” operation and providing a classy non-profit organization that helps veterans.

Last night a fight broke out within the canteen and six police cars were parked in front of the post. One can only imagine how many times this happens per year.

It is a disgrace for veterans and a black eye to an organization that is known for sticking up for and improving the quality of life for veterans. I have watched vets come into the post and spend their last few dollars on alcohol. I have watched veterans leave totally inebriated, get in their cars and drive home. The administration and staff overlook with a blind eye at these atrocities.

This grossly negligent operation needs to be looked into. People need to held accountable for their actions and become accountable to the community.
Your National Mission Statement reads, “Its mission is to "honor the dead by helping the living" through veterans' service, community service, national security and a strong national defense.”
This particular post does not honor the mission statement and is an eye-sore for your organization. It is hurting veterans, hurting families and our town.

I have copied Senator NAME, Mayor NAME

Thank You for your time,

Was it a bribe or motivation?

My daughter had her final track meet of the season on Saturday.
She packed her bags and headed off for a day in the sun. I was speaking with her casually on the phone and mentioned that if she threw over 19 feet I would give her $20.00. All season she has been hovering around 17 feet. She is a freshman and that is great. She has been dedicated to practices and weight lifting. I thought, ok I will dangle the carrot.
She calls me back a few hours later, Mom and I threw 20 ft 3 inches. So, she now has a new personal record.
OK – has she been holding back or just purely motivated by the crisp Andrew Jackson.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whew –
Time flies. Tomorrow is Friday and then Drill Weekend.
Our beautiful sunny weather has changed to a dreary cold afternoon – Good for the Garden, and Good because I have about 200 pages of required reading I need to take care of.
I am thankful that my entire Masters is not online, I could not do it! NEED to FOCUS…….

I have been trying not to focus on the news too much this week. It is complete chaos! I am going to a short school for the guard mid next week so I need to get things in order to make it easier for the daughter and husband while I am away. This should be last guard event for the fiscal year, pending no hurricanes, fires or other natural disasters. (I always tell my SGM that I am up for a mission on a Greek Island, but it never pans out!)

My friend Jen and I attended the National Day of Prayer Luncheon at the Cliff House today. What a nice chance to pray for our leaders and soldiers. It was small but quaint event. Good people, Good food and even a Barber Shop quartet singing the God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner. I enjoyed it, but did wince a few times when the guest speaker quoted Bill O’Reilly about five times. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy his show and appreciate his tendency to stand up for what is right, Just a weird place for him to be used as the reputable source.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I had very weird dreams last night. Two separate dreams.

Dream #1 was that my brother had mouse problem. We were visiting in his home and there were mice the color of Chihuahua number one running freely throughout the house.
Dream #2 was partially about the military. I was attending a briefing for two admirals and a two star general. The Army General was in Class A’s looking very sharp, but the Navy folks had long scruffy beach blond hair with the old style field jackets on. What....???? who knows. I am hoping my morning coffee makes this all go away.

If you can scrape up 7 nickels and 4 pennies visit this LINK and drop Greg a card and add him to your prayer list.
Speaking of prayer tomorrow is National Day of Prayer. LINK

SO much to read, so little time.

Things I need to book mark so I eventually go back and read.

LINK Space Age Drinking Water in Iraq
LINK Improving Soldiers Lives
LINK Hydration
LINK Army Tech

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

sprouts are sprouting

Good news things are sprouting.
The row of radish I planted about two weeks ago is up about ¼ of an inch. I gently pushed the dirt up next to them in case the temps reach freeing throughout the night.
This year I decided to start seedlings inside the house. I have tried this in the past, but with no prevail.
HOWEVER, this year I thought like a child and a science project!
I built a small green house out of this. Official product endorsement…

Earthbound Farm Organic Mixed Baby Greens Clamshell Package (aka instant green house!)
I filled it up with a inch or so of potting soil, just enough water to make it damp and a few rows of seeds… Within one week my green house has sprouts two inches high.
I will transplant them outside some next week. - But I have squash, beets and collard greens seedlings ready!
It is Spring!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Amazing how things are orchestrated.

With an interesting turn of events – we had an absolutely awesome time at the ATF.
We were asked if we had wanted free tickets by our neighbor that works at a publishing company for the event. We said that we would love to go and that if she could, we would like 4 tickets. Done Deal. We had instructions to pick our tickets up at the will call booth. We wait in line, only to find out that there are no tickets reserved for us. I explain our situation and this awesome guy said, “Look I completely trust you, here are these VIP passes because we cannot find your name on this list.” We take the VIP passes, thank him and proceed to our section, 4 rows to the left of the stage. We had awesome seats!

Amazing how things are orchestrated.

The biggest take away from the weekend, “We’re facing an unprecedented time in our history where only 4% of this young generation will be Evangelical believers. I’m not a mathematician, but I know that’s not many. A nation with 4% is a frightening thought. You probably think so, too. Since most people follow Christ before the age of 20, we have a window of 5 to 7 years to turn this thing around. If we don’t do it, think about what our families, our schools, and our churches might look like 50 years from now. That’s not going to happen on our watch. Let’s do something about it. It doesn’t matter how young or old, how hip or uncool, how techno savvy or techno illiterate you are. You have something great from God to share and I know the stu­dents that need to hear it.”

Just something to think about…