Monday, April 29, 2013

another day has been given

Day to Day is either completely mundane or completely obscure.

Yesterday, Small Arms Range – great training. Throw lead downrange, practice, concentrate and with a somewhat solid zero I have comfort knowing I have the capability to protect myself.

Lunch – Telling a gentleman whom I think is from India about romaine lettuce. My eating patterns are even more obscure here than they are at home. I will say that I consistently ask for two pieces of cheese (swiss or provolone) and 3 pieces of romaine lettuce. Yesterday he asked me where that word comes from and if it is the same as lettuce. I told him yes but now when I go back tonight I have a little more information for him.  It comes from the Greek language and the ancient Greeks and Romans held lettuce in high regard both as a food and for its therapeutic medicinal properties.   - Thank you Whole Foods :)
I need all of the therapeutic properties I can get at this point!
Some sorting, working and planning.
Catholic Mass and then protestant community led service.

I read this article - Which inspired me to send a note to the chaplain in the article. Everyone needs encouragement! I invited him to come out west!

Then I listened to yoga nidra and slept deeply.

Today – entirely different so far, but maybe some of the same.
I woke up to the neighbor down the hall playing Bryan Adam’s live cd. I cannot explain. It was a private sign that my God pays attention to even the very small stuff.



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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

edison revelation

And the light bulb clicks....

I have been a member of Kiva  since 2009/2010 time frame.  I have enjoyed participating and reading about people standing up for themselves and their families.

Taking out small Microloans to build businesses that result in shelter, food and education is an effort I can get behind. I typically use a somewhat unbiased system to choose my next person to support. I am half way through reading the book The International Bank of Bob  and it just clicked.

Debbie, you are not buying - you are lending....  Lending  Just like Wells Fargo and other creditors take the chance  you give someone else a chance as well.

This perspective has opened my mind and door to concept I was already committed to and actively participating. But now I get it.  I have reinvested all of my small loan repayments thus far. And with solid ROI Kiva has the risk is low... so, I am thinking why not and raise the stakes a bit.

A friend of mine also told me about a few giving circles in the Springs. Looking forward to partnering to make difference. 

Recommend reading the book.

Recommend taking a chance  - the risk is low and the impact could be great. Generational even.

Bob Harris  has a promotion at the moment that allows new lenders to try Kiva and he is pitching the first $25. (limited time  - while supplies last and other legal things)

:) Not the first time I mentioned Kiva over the years....

Kiva in Detroit?
Making Choices
End of the year 2011 Choices

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beyond Good Intentions

Completely devoured the book  Beyond Good Intentions by Tori Hogan.
It was one of those times reader/book connection.
Since, I feel I am on this quest to find out just what I should be doing.
Although, I will argue with myself and say I am right where I should be at this exact time.
I am talking more long term - Next phase - Big picture.
Her book makes you think about foreign aid and the business of foreign aid itself.
Ultimately, big and small programs can be successful or completely harmful and it is the people themselves that make the difference.
Just like in all endeavors. Right? But sometimes when you are too close to something you do not see it.

My support plan is all over the board at the moment
Zonta Pikes Peak
FOB Colorado
I am Created Equal
Human Trafficking Task Force

Home for Our Troops

I support two missionaries one in Greece helping refugees and one in Azerbaijan.

I occasionally throw donations at walks, runs and hikes for charity.
And then I support politics - My choosing

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Not too often you come across that grabs your senses  - that you dream it about later in a combat zone!

I like Cardigans but I am in love with this Cardamom Ice Cream - One of the first things I am having when I get home - IF you find it stockpile for me :)
I am well over a 100 days into this and actually I have a lot to say. But I do not say too much.

I often think I am part of some huge social experiment and at the end a social scientist will offer some thoughtful guidance.

I am falling into many of the same routines I had before during my last deployment. Working, gym, food, conversations, chapel and reading. Trying to pick up a few foreign phrases here and there. This time the tapestry is a bit different. I can try Slovene, Italian, Dari and maybe even a few phrases from the TCNs (India and Africa). What is different is that our Slovenian Padre is Catholic. We arrived at the FOB during Easter week is has obviously a lot of moving parts. I smiled a bit when I was asked to read the Second Reading and then two days later participate in Baptism and Holy Communion Mass. Thankfully, my Catholic upbringing allowed me to fall right into the cadence. The Protestant service is led by members of the FOB or visiting chaplains. Should be interesting.

My goals in the next few weeks is to shed a little light and encourage along the way. Read a few books and have a few laughs. I described the place is Rustic Chic. The living conditions are very good surrounded by rocks and barren dusty mountains. The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful here. My primary counterpart for the next six months arrives today. We shall see.